Sunday, July 10, 2016

SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #046 - Default Database Size

You may or may not have noticed the initial size of the database at creation but there is a fixed size for both data and log files. Most of the time, developers just create the database by supplying the name without considering other properties unless some properties need an attention and a change. Same goes to the size too. Let's talk about the initial size today;

What is the default size of SQL Server database?

Before discussing the answer, let's see how a database is created with our CREATE DATABASE command. When SQL Server has to create a database, it actually takes a copy of Model database as it is considered as the standard template for databases. Therefore default size of the database is based on the size set with Model database.

Until SQL Server 2014, the default size of the data file is 3MB and log file is 1MB. However this has been changed from SQL Server 2016. Now it is 8MB for both files. Not only that, File Growth setting has been changed as well.

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