Tuesday, July 5, 2016

SQL Server Management Studio July 2016 is available

Good thing is we get continuous releases for Management Studio. Microsoft has released the newest version of SQL Server Management Studio which is July 2016 release. Latest version is 13.0.15500. The June 2016 release was 13.0.15000.

You can download the latest from here.

Some of the major changes are as follows (quoted from the same page);
  • Support for Azure SQL Data Warehouse in SSMS.
  • Significant updates to the SQL Server PowerShell module. This includes a new SQL PowerShell module and new CMDLETs for Always Encrypted, SQL Agent, and SQL Error Logs.
  • Support for PowerShell script generation in the Always Encrypted wizard.
  • Significantly improved connection times to Azure SQL databases.
  • New ‘Backup to URL’ dialog to support the creation of Azure storage credentials for SQL Server 2016 database backups. This provides a more streamlined experience for storing database backups in an Azure storage account.
  • New Restore dialog to streamline restoring a SQL Server 2016 database backup from the Microsoft Azure storage service.

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