Saturday, July 23, 2016

Install SQL Server with just three clicks - The SQL Server Basic Installer

We have been installing SQL Server for long time, different versions and different editions. Everyone is familiar with installation wizard and knows that it needs to go through various steps, windows and multiple clicks. If you need an installation to be done for addressing many database requirements, then of course you need to go through almost all installation wizard pages and customize as per the requirements. But if it is for a simple database and we do not need much features installed, then it could be seen as too-much-of-clicks and too-much-of-pages.

What if we can install SQL Server with just three clicks?

Yes, now it is possible. This is called as SQL Server Basic Installer that allows you to get the database engine and click connections SDK installed without seeing much screens. This currently available for following editions;

Let's test this one of the editions. Click on the link give above for Express Edition and get the SQLServer2016-SSEI-Expr.exe file downloaded. Start installation it, this is the first screen you see with it;

You have three options for continuing. Since we need a simple installation, let's select the first option: Basic. This is the first click.

You cannot skip accepting the license terms, you get the usual screen and click on Accept. That is your second click.

Next screen is for specifying the installation location. You do not need to do anything because the default location is selected. Here is your third click, click on Install to continue.

This starts the installation, different screens appear;


And finally the screen for showing and installation is completed. During the download, you will see various information on samples, forum, etc, that will be helpful for learning more on SQL Server.

This screens educates you on Connection String used for connecting with the instance, Instance ID, default administrator, installed features etc. It allows you to launch SQL Command for connecting and testing the installation. In addition to that, if you want to get SQL Server Management Studio, you can click on Install Tools for getting it.

As you noticed, it is just three clicks, try and see.

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