Monday, July 4, 2016

SQL Server Query Editor with Query Window

Some prefer write the TSQL statement without a help from an editor but some prefer to use an editor because it simply allows us to select tables and columns easily and make joins, grouping and filtering easily. I personally prefer to write statements by myself as it helps me to remember the way of writing it.

Those who like to get a help from editor for writing SELECT statements, they go to the View node in Object Explorer and use New View menu item for opening the editor. It allows us to construct the SELECT statement without writing it and the statement can be used without creating the view. However, there is a way of opening the editor with New Query Window without opening it with Create View.

Do you know that there is a menu item called Design Query in Editor... in Query menu? This menu item opens the editor that can be used for constructing the query and adding to your New Query window.

Although this is not a new menu item, many do not use it, in fact many do not know that it is available. It is usefull, you can get your statement written without spending much time.

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