Monday, July 18, 2016

SSIS Progress / Execution Results Tab

SQL Server Integration Services is The Enterprise ETL platform that supports on all ETLing scenario. Covering from small data transfer to large complex ETL solutions, it has become the number one on ETL solutions for many projects and organizations.

Just like other implementations with other tools, the packages we create with Integrations Services need to troubleshoot when it does not work as we expected. There are many way of troubleshooting, however, the most common technique is debugging. Debugging is the process of finding problems that occur during the execution, either at design stage or after deployment. We can debug SSIS package too.

There are various ways of debugging SSIS package at the development, will discuss it with different post, but let's focus on one common technique. When we run the package using SQL Server Data Tools, most of the events are recorded and can be seen with one of the Tabs in design window. This tab cannot be seen when you open the package for designing but it becomes visible as Progress when you execute and visible as Execution Results when you complete the execution. See the images below;

This tab is very useful as it explains how tasks and containers involve with the execution in a hierarchical manner. You can navigate via the tree and find out the problematic one if there is an issue.

There is a slight performance impact on this collection. Since it has to collect all information, it adds an overhead to the package execution. Even though it is a slight one, if you want, it can be disabled by toggling Debug Process Reporting menu item in the SSIS menu;


Alessandro Ferreira Antonio said...

I'm wondering if you can capture this information from the Execution Results tab and save it to a text file.

Dinesh Priyankara said...

Hi Alessandro,

I do not think that it is possible but you will be able to achieve it by enabling logging with the package.