Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to add a Watch Windows in SSIS

My post SSIS Progress / Execution Results Tab talked about few things related to debugging and thought to add another post on it, specifically on two windows provided by SQL Server Data Tools for observing values during debugging.

There are two windows that can be used for seeing values of variables and parameters: Locals and Watch Windows. The Locals windows allows us to see systems setting, values of variables and parameters that are currently in scope. The Watch window helps us to specify a specific item such as variable or parameter and track its value through out debugging. If you have multiple variable and parameters and you need to see how they are getting changed during the execution (or debugging), Watch window is the best. You can add multiple Watch windows for tracing multiple items.

Let'see how we can add a Watch and use it when debugging. Follow given steps for creating a package and testing;

1. Create a SSIS project and add a package.
2. Create a variable called TestVariable. Set the type as int.

3. Add a Script Task. Make sure that TestVariable is added under ReadWriteVariables of the Script Task and following code is set with the task.

public void Main()
    // TODO: Add your code here

    int x = Convert.ToInt32(Dts.Variables["User::TestVariable"].Value);
    x = x + 1;
    Dts.Variables["User::TestVariable"].Value = x;
    Dts.TaskResult = (int)ScriptResults.Success;

This code increases the value of the variable by one.

4. Copy the Script Task added and duplicate it two times. Now you have three Script Tasks. Connect them with Success Precedence Constraints.

5. Select the first Script Task and press F9 or use Debug -> Toggle Breakpoint menu for adding a breakpoint. Do the same for other two tasks.

6. Now start debugging. It stops at the first Script Task as we have set a breakpoint. For opening Locals window, use Debug -> Windows -> Locals menu item.

7. Once the Locals window is opened, navigate to find TestVariable. Right-click on it and add a Watch on it.

8. You should see a Watch window now. You will see that Watch window shows how value is getting changed when you continue with debugging.

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