Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Power BI - Scheduled Refresh section is not available in Settings

Power BI Desktop allows us to import data from files such as CSV and Excel. Once imported, it automatically creates a Model that can be used for creating reports. Good thing is, when we publish the report, Dataset that is created with the model is also getting published. This makes sure that we can create a schedule and refresh the Dataset published for seeing latest.

See below image. It shows the Gateway connection and Scheduled refresh settings for an uploaded text file. The Dataset created for the file is PowerBI Test Report.

Now if I get the settings related to the Dataset called Sales_201501;

I will not see same settings. What is the reason? It is also based on a text file.

This will happen when the uploaded Dataset is not a Model. This file has been uploaded using Power BI Services (, not using Power BI Desktop. Unlike Power BI Desktop, Power BI Services does not create a Model when a file is uploaded and uploaded file will be sill treated as a Dataset but not as a Model.

If you need to get your Dataset continuously refreshed by creating a schedule, then make sure that it is created using Power BI Desktop.

You can get the uploaded file refreshed automatically if the file is in either SharePoint or OneDrive.

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