Friday, June 2, 2017

Power BI does not show all columns in SQL Server View

I experienced a strange issue with Power BI today, I might have missed something or there is something unknown to me. This is what I experienced; Power BI does not show all columns when trying to import records from a SQL Server view.

Just for simulating the issue, I created a view with AdventureWorks2014, using three tables, Product, ProductSubCategory, and ProductCategory, and named as vProduct.

USE [AdventureWorks2014]

 SELECT p.ProductID, p.Name Product, s.Name SubCategory, c.Name Category
 FROM Production.Product p
  INNER JOIN Production.ProductSubcategory s
   ON p.ProductSubcategoryID = s.ProductSubcategoryID
  INNER JOIN Production.ProductCategory c
   ON s.ProductCategoryID = c.ProductCategoryID;

Then I granted SELECT permission to Jack user.

GRANT SELECT ON dbo.vProduct TO Jack;

If Jack executes a SELECT against the view, he sees records with all columns.

Now, if Jack connects to the database with Power BI, this is what he sees.

Anyone has experienced this? I made a search but could not find a solution. I might have made a mistake or missed something but could not figure it out. Appreciate if you can share your thoughts or a solution if you have already seen this and sorted out.

I used the latest Power BI version that is May 2017.

Note that I see the same result for both Import and Direct Query.

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