Saturday, June 10, 2017

Power BI - Cannot highlight or pin visuals when grouped with shapes

Power BI allows us to add shapes like rectangle or oval for marking specific area, showing covered visuals as they are related and operate together. This is really useful when you need to highlight a group of visuals that has same behavior or the visuals are related to same business process.

When you have visuals, you can add the required shape and change properties as you need. The below image shows an added rectangle with specific Title and filled color with transperancy set to 75%.

Once added and set, it can be nicely seen with the report. But you may notice that you have lost some of the functionalities. You cannot highlight a slice of Pie Chart and make other visuals filtered. You cannot pin the visuals for Dashboards when they are published to online service.

However, this can be handled. The reason for this is, the added rectangle appears on top of visuals. If you send the rectangle "back", then this issue gets sorted.

As you see, now you can highlight slices in the Pie Chart and you can pin visuals to a Dashboard.

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