Sunday, November 15, 2015

Trying to connect on-prem Analysis Services using Power BI Analysis Services Connector?

Although Power BI Pro allows us to connect with On-Prem Analysis Services Tabular instances for consuming live data into dashboards and report, there are limitations on it. If you try to configure Power BI Connector with On-Prem Analysis Services Tabular instance using an effective account (such as account) without an Active Directory configured domain or using an active directory account without syncing it with Azure Active Directory, you will not be able to configure. Here is what I get when trying to configure Power BI Analysis Services Connector with my Tabular Instance installed in my standalone laptop.

All Prerequisites are listed at

Here are important things to be remembered;
  • Only SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular models are supported for Power BI.
  • The connector has to continue running and the computer where it is installed has to remain on.
  • Power BI Analysis Services Connector and the Data Management Gateway on the same computer cannot be co-exist.
  • The Analysis Services server is domain joined.
  • If you use a email address, you'll need to sync your Active Directory to Azure Active Directory using Azure Active Directory Sync (DirSync). T

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