Sunday, November 22, 2015

SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #035 - Database size

Microsoft SQL Server supports creating small databases as well as very large databases. This week question is based on database sizes, here is the one;

What is the minimum relational database size and maximum relational database size that can be set when creating a database?

When you create a database, system takes a copy of the model database as a template for creating it. The default size of the data file set with model database is 5MB. This stops you for reducing the size of the data file when creating your database. If you try to reduce it for 1MB, this is what you get;

You can reduce the model database data file to minimally 3MB. Once it is set, you can create your database with a data file sized to 3MB.

Based on above tests, we know that the smallest size that can be set with our data files is 3MB (not sure, but there can be some other way to reduce this, will see, however, there is no necessity for having a database like that unless there is a specific and special requirement).

The largest database size support by SQL Server is 524 PB. Almost all editions support creating database with this size, only exception is Express Edition that support only 10GB size databases.

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