Saturday, November 21, 2015

SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #034 - Analysis Services Security

Security is the most important area that needs to be addressed with many solution and same goes to your Business Intelligence solutions implemented with Microsoft Analysis Services. Typically, all database management systems provide multiple server roles for managing permission, and allow us to extend it either creating custom server roles or database roles. This week question is based Analysis Services server roles;

How many server roles are exist with Analysis Services and what are they?

You do not want to think about this much. Analysis Services offers only one server level role called as Administrators. This cannot be modified and we cannot create any additional roles, but we can add members to this role providing admin rights to anyone required. However system allows us to create additional database level roles which are limited to specific databases.

You can access Administrators role by getting properties of the instance and selecting Security property.

Database roles can be created by accessing Roles node under the database.

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