Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Power BI - Changes you should know on Power BI Free Account from June 01

As per the announcement made by Microsoft on Power BI early this month,  Following things will be changed on Power BI Free account;

  • Almost all Power BI Pro features will be available for Free accounts, except sharing and collaboration. Sharing and Collaboration will only be available for Pro account.
  • All types of data sources can be accessed using Free account.
  • Following are increased: 10GB storage, 8 times daily refresh and 1 million rows/hour streaming data.
  • Capabilities NOT included: Group workspaces (now it is app-workspace), Export to PowerPoint, Export to CSV/Excel and Analyze in Excel.
As you see, some of important things are going to vanish while some are getting added. If you have been using Free account, you will be offered a Pro trial account for one year to continue with what you have been doing.

For more info on this, read this thread.

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