Friday, May 19, 2017

Management Studio Quick Launch has PresentOn for turning Presentation Mode on

A new option has been added to Management Studio - Quick Launch for enabling Presentation Mode on and off. This is really useful during classes, workshops and presentations because it allows us to quickly Zoom in, enhancing the visibility of SSMS.

The Presentation Mode is based on qlt_presentermode_default.xml file. It has pre-defined font family and size for both environment and editor. When the Presentation Mode is turned on, it uses the setting in this file and changes the way it displays.

In order to turn on or edit the file, all we need to do is, go to Quick Launch and start typing Present. When you start typing, it shows items related to it.

If I select PresentEdit, it will open the xml file and allows us to edit it. If we select PresentOn, then it will set the environment as per the configuration in the xml file.

To revert back to default setting, type Restore... to get RestoreDefaultFonts item and select it.

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