Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Power BI - Creating Measures for Live Connection is now possible

Good news! With Power BI May 2017 update, we can create measures for Live Connection made for Analysis Services Tabular Model. Earlier, we had no way of creating measures when connect to Analysis Services databases, hence had to use measures available only with the model. This limited the usage of Power BI with Analysis Services as users could not create measure as they want.

Now it has been addressed up to some extent. We can create measures using DAX against both Live Connection - Analysis Services Tabular Model and Power BI Service Datasets.

Here is an example of it.

I have connected with AW Internet Sales Tabular Model 2014 database using Live Connection. As you see, the column chart is created with Sales Amount against Month Number and it is filtered for Year 2013. In addition to that, I have added a new measure called SalesAmountYTD using the following DAX;

SalesAmountYTD = TOTALYTD(sum('Internet Sales'[Sales Amount]), 'Date'[Date])

Note that the measure is not part of the Model and it is considered as a Report Measure. It can be created either clicking New Measure Button or clicking the ellipsis button in any attribute.

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