Saturday, March 25, 2017

Loading Data Script for Snowflake type Date Dimension

Date dimension is the most common dimension in data warehousing and it is generally designed as a single table. However, if it needs to be used with multiple Fact Tables with different levels, Date dimension table should be broken into multiple tables that creates a Snowflake Schema. If the table is broken into multiple tables such as Year, Quarter, Month and Date, loading them is bit difficult. A script for loading a single table is available in many sites but it is bit difficult to find a script for loading multiple tables. I had a same requirement and could not find a proper script, hence wrote one.

Here is the script if you need the same;

Here is the script for creating tables;
 YearKey smallint 
 , Year smallint not null
 , Constraint pk_DimYear Primary Key (YearKey)

CREATE TABLE dbo.DimQuarter
 QuarterKey smallint 
 , YearKey smallint not null
 , Quarter smallint not null
 , YearQuater varchar(20) not null
 , QuarterName varchar(20) not null
 , Constraint pk_DimQuarter Primary Key (QuarterKey)
 , Constraint fk_DimQuarter_DimYear Foreign Key (YearKey)
  References dbo.DimYear (YearKey)

 MonthKey int 
 , QuarterKey smallint not null
 , MonthNumber smallint not null
 , MonthName varchar(20) not null
 , YearMonth varchar(20) not null
 , MonthShortName char(3) not null
 , Constraint pk_DimMonth Primary Key (MonthKey)
 , Constraint fk_DimMonth_DimQuarter Foreign Key (QuarterKey)
  References dbo.DimQuarter (QuarterKey)

 DateKey int 
 , MonthKey int not null
 , Date date not null
 , WeekDayNumber smallint not null
 , WeekDayName varchar(20) not null
 , DayOfMonth smallint not null
 , DayOfYear smallint not null
 , IsWeekend bit not null
 , IsHoliday bit not null
 , WeekNumberOfYear smallint not null
 , Constraint pk_DimDate Primary Key (DateKey)
 , Constraint fk_DimDate_DimMonth Foreign Key (MonthKey)
  References dbo.DimMonth (MonthKey)

And the script for loading all tables.

DECLARE @StartDate date = '2010-01-01';
DECLARE @EndDate date = '2019-12-31';
DECLARE @YearKey smallint;
DECLARE @Quarter smallint, @QuarterKey smallint;
DECLARE @Month int, @MonthKey int;
DECLARE @Date int, @DateKey int;

WHILE (@StartDate <= @EndDate)

 -- Inserting years
 SET @YearKey = YEAR(@StartDate);
 IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.DimYear WHERE YearKey = @YearKey)
  INSERT INTO dbo.DimYear (YearKey, [Year]) VALUES (@YearKey, @YearKey);

 -- Inserting quarters
 SET @QuarterKey = Convert(smallint, Convert(varchar(4), YEAR(@StartDate)) + Convert(varchar(1), DATEPART(q, @StartDate)))
 SET @Quarter = DATEPART(q, @StartDate);

 IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.DimQuarter WHERE QuarterKey = @QuarterKey)
  INSERT INTO dbo.DimQuarter (QuarterKey, YearKey, [Quarter], YearQuater, QuarterName) 
  VALUES (@QuarterKey, @YearKey, @Quarter, Convert(varchar(4), YEAR(@StartDate)) + 'Q' + Convert(varchar(4), @Quarter)
   , CASE @Quarter WHEN 1 THEN 'First Quarter' WHEN 2 THEN 'Second Quarter' WHEN 3 THEN 'Third Quarter' ELSE 'Forth Quarter' END);

 ---- Inserting months
 SET @MonthKey = Convert(int, Convert(varchar(4), YEAR(@StartDate)) + (CASE LEN(MONTH(@StartDate)) WHEN 1 THEN '0' ELSE '' END) + Convert(varchar(2), MONTH(@StartDate)));
 SET @Month = MONTH(@StartDate)
 IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.DimMonth WHERE MonthKey = @MonthKey)
  INSERT INTO dbo.DimMonth (MonthKey, QuarterKey, MonthNumber, MonthName, YearMonth, MonthShortName) 
  VALUES (@MonthKey, @QuarterKey, @Month, DATENAME(MONTH, @StartDate)
  , Convert(varchar(4), YEAR(@StartDate)) + ' ' + LEFT(DATENAME(MONTH, @StartDate), 3)
  , LEFT(DATENAME(MONTH, @StartDate), 3));
 ---- Inserting dates
 SET @DateKey = Convert(int, Convert(varchar(8), @StartDate, 112))
 IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.DimDate WHERE DateKey = @DateKey)
  INSERT INTO dbo.DimDate (DateKey, MonthKey, Date, WeekDayNumber, WeekDayName, DayOfMonth
   , DayOfYear, IsWeekend, IsHoliday, WeekNumberOfYear) 
  VALUES (@DateKey, @MonthKey, @StartDate, DatePart(WEEKDAY, @StartDate), DateName(WEEKDAY, @StartDate), DatePart(DAY, @StartDate)
   , DatePart(DAYOFYEAR, @StartDate), CASE WHEN DatePart(WEEKDAY, @StartDate) IN (6, 7) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END, 0
   , DatePart(WEEK, @StartDate));

 SET @StartDate = DATEADD(dd, 1, @StartDate);

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