Sunday, March 5, 2017

Table Value Function or Stored Procedure - SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #067

Let's talk about a very common scenario that you do with all solutions. If you need to implement a business logic using a database object such as View, Stored Procedure, or Function, how do you decide the best for your requirements.

Here is the Interview Question of the week. Should you use a Stored Procedure or Table Value Function (TVF) for the given scenario?

You have a table called Customer that has a column called CreditLimit. You must write module for accepting the CustomerId and Credit Limit, and updating the CreditLimit column with submitted Credit Limit. You need to make sure that exceptions are handled as well.

In order to answer this question, you should certain set of factors that can be used for deciding whether the logic must be implemented using a Stored Procedure or Function. Let's see each an every factor.

First thing you should know is, the output of the Stored Procedure cannot be easily used with another output generated by SELECT though INSERT EXEC is possible. However this can be easily done with TVFs. In addition to that, Stored Procedures allow us to return multiple results but function can return a single result.

Other main thing is modification. You cannot modify records inside Functions but it is possible within Stored Procedures. And you can form a statement dynamically and execute inside the Stored Procedure but it is not possible with Functions.

Exception handling is not possible with functions but details exception handling is possible with Stored Procedures.

Considering these factors, the answer is Stored Procedure because data modification and exception handling are not possible with Functions.

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