Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SQL Server Management Studio - September 2015 Release

The latest Preview of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is release and it can be downloaded from;

Here is the list that contains all updates for last three months (quoted directly from the site)
  • SSMS August 2015 Preview
    • Object explorer updates to reduce loading delay when there are a large number of databases.
    • Improvements for installation of SSMS on Windows 10 machines.
    • Bug fixes and updates to SQL Server Configuration manager, and SSMS user reports user interface
  • SSMS July 2015 Preview
    • Database diagrams for Azure SQL Database (V12).
    • Improved IntelliSense support for new temporal table syntax.
    • Updated DacFx library to support latest Azure SQL databases features including row-level security and Azure Active directory authentication.
    • Bug fixes (updated 'check for update' UI, UI fix in 'compatibility level' list and more).
  • SSMS June 2015 Preview
    • New SSMS light-weight web installer.
    • Automatic check for updates.
    • SSMS now has full-text-search support for Azure SQL Database (V12).
    • Top customer requests addressed:
      • 'Edit Top 200 Rows' enabled for tables and views in Object Explorer.
      • Table designer enabled for Azure SQL Database (V12).
      • Database and table property dialogs enabled for Azure SQL Database (V12).
      • New option to skip prompt to save T-SQL files.
      • Import/Export wizard support for new Azure SQL Database service tiers (Basic, Standard, Premium).
      • Numerous bug fixes (scripting scenarios, enabling change tracking for SQL databases, and more).

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