Saturday, September 5, 2015

Analysis Services: Cannot see applied color for calculated measures

Color expression section of Calculations tab of Cube Designer allows us to set Fore Color and Back Color for the Calculated Measures/Members based on an expression. Once it is set properly, we should be able to see colored values for the measure created based on the expression evaluation. What if you do not see it with your MDX statement?

For example, see the below Calculated Measure called Profit, which has a Color Expression set.

And when you browse it with Browser tab, you do not see the color;

And when you get it using MDX, still it does not show the color;

But when it is opened with Microsoft Excel, it CAN BE SEEN.

What is the reason, since it can be seen with Excel, means expression set is correct and it should be worked.

The reason for MDX statement is, it needs CELL PROPERTIES to be added to the statement in order to see colors with management studio. Not only with management studio, even with other applications. Here is the way;

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