Sunday, September 13, 2015

Do you know that Power BI is available now and you can use it FREE?

Microsoft Power BI, bringing your data to life, yes it is available and can be used FREE :).

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that facilitates you for converting your data into meaningful information with rich, interactive and well formed visuals, aligning with a concept of Any data, anywhere, any time. This offers Power BI Mobile that can be used for seeing dashboards and reports created, and analyzing as you used to, making sure your most important data travels with you. And it offers Power BI Desktop that can be used for creating stunning reports and interactive visualizations.

It is FREE, but don't forget that it has a paid version too. Power BI Pro is the paid version and it is USD 9.99 user/month. Not much differences, however key differences are;
  • Data capacity limit is 1 GB/user for FREE Power BI and 10 GB/user for Power BI Pro.
  • Content refresh is Daily for FREE Power BI and Hourly for Power BI Pro.
  • Streaming data in dashboards is limited to 10K rows/hour for FREE Power BI and 1M rows/hour for Power BI Pro.
  • And features related to Collaboration is limited to Power BI Pro.

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