Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Reporting Services (SSRS) 2016 - Could not load folder contents Error - Even with SP1

I have been continuously hitting with this when the Reporting Services portal is opened first time;

Could not load folders contents
Something went wrong, Please try again later.

But if I refresh the page or reload the portal, everything starts working fine and it does not appear until I restart the service.

Not sure the reason, searched and read many posts, contacted some consultants but so far no luck. I tried with Recreating the database, Changing the credentials, Changing the TimeZone to UTC 0, But none of them worked for me.

As per the log, it fails first few attempts to connect with the database but I am not sure how it connects after (because my second attempt loads the portal).

Still expecting some answers for experts, will be updating this post once I have the answer, appreciate if can share your solution, if you have already faced this and solved.


Irving said...

Same here... Getting "something went wrong error" when uploading or replacing a report. Let me know if you figure it out.

Dinesh Priyankara said...

Hi Irving,

Thanks for the comment, still no luck, contacted another person on this, waiting for a reply, will let you know.

BTW, I get a new issue, when I initially load the page, page is getting loaded with Japanese characters and once refreshed it loads with English characters :). Will surely update the post when I received the fix.

Preeti said...

Getting same issue "something went wrong" error while uploading SSRS report from Report Server,
Previously it was working fine.

From development environment i can able to upload report on same path. But facing issue from Report Server upload.

Please provide the solution.

Thanks in advance