Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Point-In-Time restoring with Azure SQL Database

We know that Point-In-Time restoration is possible with SQL Server and it is one of useful ways of recovering data in a disaster-recovery situation. This requires backup taken that contains data that needs to be recovered. If no backup is available, we can still achieve this by taking a backup of the database, may be tail-log backup.

However, Azure SQL Database works differently. For Point-In-Time restoration, you do not need backups if the recovery related to certain time period. Azure SQL Database allows you to recover your database (or restore) to any restore point within 7 days if the tier is Basic, 14 days for Standard, 35 days for Premium. This is a very simple process and it restores the database with a different name like Database Name + TimeStamp.

Here are the steps for Point-In-Time restoration;

First login to your Azure Portal and get SQL Servers blade opened. Select the server and get the preferred database server blade opened.

The select the database from Databases section and get Properties of database opened. Click on Restore button for opening the blade for resorting.

You can see oldest restore point based on your tier. Select the Point-In-Time as you want, change other properties if need (example, different server) and click OK to get it restored.

Once restored, it can be accessed via Management Studio just like you access the other database. One thing you need to remember is, you cannot see both databases by connecting to the server, hence when connecting, make sure you mention the database name for connecting to newly created database.

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