Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I renamed my computer, Will my SQL Server instance work? Should I do something on it?

This is something we always worry, what will happen if the name of the host machine is renamed? After renaming, can I connect with my SQL Server instance using new name set with the host, or I have to re-install SQL Server, or I have to do some setting changes? Let me share what I just did.

My computer name was initially set as DESKTOP-QOKBL3L because I forgot to set the name properly when installing the OS. And not only that, I installed an instance of SQL Server 2012 as a named instance too. After realizing that name of the computer is not as I want, I just changed it as DINESH-HM-LAP01. Now can I connect with my SQL Server instance?

I just tried with the old name as I used to;

As you see, it did not allow me to connect. Then I tried with my new computer name;

And I was able to connect with my instance, yes without doing anything. But, does it mean that I do not want to anything?

Let's check the server name using TSQL;

As you see, not all metadata is updated, means it needs some updates. For updating metadata, we need to drop the server and add again. After that, a service restart is required, once done, if the above query is run again, both will show the new name instead of old name.

sp_dropserver 'DESKTOP-QOKBL3L\SQL2012';
sp_addserver 'DINESH-HM-LAP01\SQL2012', local;

For more info on this, read this article in MSDN:

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