Monday, January 11, 2016

Reporting Services (SSRS) - Showing both overall and group page numbers

This is nothing new or related to latest which is SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services. But I think it is still important to blog on it as this question still appears in forums. SSRS offers multiple ways to control how pages need to be divided and printed or rendered with the support of pagination. Generally page numbers are shown with all reports without considering groups added. But, occasionally, page numbers specifically on groups are required while showing overall page numbers.

The report shown is created with a dataset prepared from AdventureWorksDW2014 database. It shows Cost and Sales for Category and Product and it is grouped by Category. Note that there are two texts that show pagination; one for overall pagination and other for grouping.

How this has to be configured? 

Here are steps for configuring it. First of all, few properties of the group have to be set;

Under PageBreak property, three properties are displayed; BreakLocation, Diabled and ResetPageNumber that can be used for defining explicit behaviors. As you see, BreakLocation has been used for setting the page break between groups and ResetPageNumber has been used for restarting the page numbering when page break generates. Once these properties are set, Globals.PageNumber and Globals.TotalPages are affected, hence page numbers are based on the group.

Now, how can we show overall page numbers with this? For that, we can use another two global properties called Globals.OverallPageNumber and Globals.OverallTotalPages. This is how displaying of both grouping and overall page numbers have been set with two text boxes;

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