Sunday, July 19, 2015

SQL Server Management Studio 2015 June - Preview is available for downloading

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2015 June Preview is available for downloading. This comes as a separate installation, not as a part of standard SQL Server installation. I believe that the whole idea of this is, making Management Studio as a standalone tool for managing all SQL products including Azure databases.

As per MSDN, enhancements made are;
  • New SSMS Installer - SSMS can now be installed with a light weight stand-alone web installer.
  • SSMS Updates - Receive notification within SSMS when new updates are available, and choose to install them at your convenience.
  • Enhanced SSMS support for Azure SQL Database – Several fixes and enhancements, including expanded SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) coverage, and an updated Import/Export wizard.
Here is the page for downloading:

Installation is very simple and lightweight. Just as SQL Server 2016, it is recommended to install this in a separate machine as this is still a Preview

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