Sunday, July 26, 2015

SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #022 - Instance Name

Here is the question for the week;

Can I name my Named Instance as MSSQLServer?

Generally, when we install SQL Server as a named instance, we set a meaningful name for it based on the requirement. However we cannot name as we want, there are set of rules we must follow when name it.

For more info on instances and rules, read this:

Now the question, can we name my instance as MSSQLServer. Yes you can if you do not have default instance, but it will not be considered as a named instance. Once the installation is done with MSSQLServer name, it will be treated as the default instance and you can connect with it using the ways you use to connect with default instance.

Here are some additional info: SQL Server: Why we need multiple instances in production environment?

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