Sunday, September 4, 2016

SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #052 - Identity property

The Identity property is not something new and it has been widely used with most of table when a surrogate key is required. It can be simply used with a numeric data type and it inserts a value automatically when an insert operation is done, based on the seed and increment set. The Identity property is used with CREATE TABLE statement like blow;

USE tempdb;

CREATE TABLE dbo.Customer
 CustomerId int identity(1,1) primary key
 , CustomerName varchar(200) not null

Now the question is, where else you see the keyword Identity with similar functionality?

Many assume that the functionality we get from Identity is only available with CREATE TABLE statement. But there is a function, named as Identity that offers the same functionality.

See the following code. It is SELECT INTO statement that allows us to get some records from a table and create a new table with the recordset. You can use Identity function with SELECT INTO statement for adding a column and populating values as per seed and increment. The Identity function needs three parameters: data type, seed and increment. And the good thing is, it adds the Identity property to the column as well.

USE tempdb;

-- This creates a table with PersonId
-- which based on Identity function
SELECT Identity(int, 1, 1) As PersonId, FirstName, LastName
INTO dbo.Person
FROM AdventureWorks2014.Person.Person;

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