Thursday, June 11, 2015

I did not use my HDInsight cluster but my credit is over

Have you noticed this? Or have you already experienced this? Are you going to complain on it? Then wait.............

Microsoft Azure HDInsight billing is different with other billing methods (Once I saw that it is same for all Azure offers, but I am not sure). Billing starts once the cluster is created with the storage and you will be charged continuously even though you do not use it. I know that this annoys you but that is the fact unfortunately.

For clarifying this, I checked with my account, this is what I see;

When click on View more details;

This clears shows that I am being charged for the cluster I have created even though it is not being used.

How do we stop charging? There is no way of stopping, only possible way is, once done with the cluster, drop it and if you want it again, re-create it (This annoys more, I know that).

I prefer to have some kind of facility that allows us to enable/disable but I cannot see something like that and did not see any upcoming similar facility with searches made.

If you want to know about pricing on this, have a look on this page:

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