Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How to navigate HDInsight cluster easily: CloudXplorer

Once HDInsight cluster is created for Big Data implementations, navigating the cluster (or Azure Blob Storage) via logical folders and accessing files inside, writing and copying files in and out is something we really require. For that, rather than navigating via Azure Management Portal, an application like Windows File Explorer is very beneficial. There are few tools available for accessing the cluster, some can be installed as an add-on to Visual Studio too. However I found that CloudXplorer is a good tool for accessing it, hence thought to write a post on how to use it.

Let me create a HDInsight cluster. First of all, a Storage is required, below screen shows creating a storage called azure01dineshhdistorage.

And then creating a Cluster  called azure01dineshhdinsight.

Once created, need to download CloudXplorer from and install it. After installation, tool can be opened and add the storage account.

In order to connect with Windows Azure Account, we need to get the Name of our storage used for hdinsight configured and the Primary Access Key of it. Follow below steps for that;

1. Open Windows Azure Management Portal.
2. Click on Storage on left panel for opening all storage added.
3. Select the one configured for hdinsight and click on Manage Access Keys button on bottom panel.
4. Get Storage Account Name and Primary Access Key copied.

Next steps are;

1. Open CloudXplorer installed.
2. Click on Accounts icon in the ribbon.
3. Click on New button and select Windows Azure Account.
4. Paste copied Storage Account Name and Primary Access Key to Name and Secret Key text boxes.

5. Click OK to save setting. Select the account added and click OK again to access the cluster.

Now we can see, copy, add, create files just like we do with Windows File Explorer. If need to see all items in the cluster, click on Report icon in the ribbon and list as you want.

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