Monday, August 10, 2009

PerformancePoint error: Unable to connect to Server - Part II

Once I blogged about this error with this link. Today I faced the same, but the reason was different. My new machine is installed with Vista-Ultimate 64-bit. I started installing all the prerequtities for PerformancePoint, did everything. Once installed, tried to connect to http://localhost:40000/WebService/PmService.asmx through Dashboard Designer (Options box), but no luck. It gave an error saying "You have not admin privileges.". I had logged in as "Dinesh" and the account "Dinesh" is in Administrators group. I made sure again, that "Dinesh" is in Administrators group and "Dinesh" has permissions for the PerformancePoint web service too. I still do not know, why "Dinesh" could not make the connection..... he is in the Administrator group. I solved the problem by logging to the system as an Administrator. Once logged in, I was able to connect and then I used the "Permission" box for adding "Dinesh" as an Admin to the PerformancePoint. When I log in with "Dinesh" now, it allows to make the connection now. I think, by default, Administrator is added as the Admin of the PerformancePoint, so, he is the only person who can give permission to others. Keep this in mind, if you use some other account without using Administrator.

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