Monday, August 17, 2009

Microsoft XPS Document Writer cannot be found

I am experiencing this error with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, when the hibernated machine which had PowerPoint presentation opened, is started. Searched for a solution but no luck so far, and many face this it seems. Anyone know the solution?


Civa said...

Hi Daniesh,

I wanted to share this with you since i had same problem with this error when trying to open .ppt with 97-2003 format (dunno if this is relevant)

Go to start-> run -> services.msc find PrintSpooler service and start it.That worked for me.I assume that Microsoft XPS Document writer device is installed by default if not then go to ControlPanel -> Printers -> Add Printer...-> Select XPS Port from available ports -> Next -> Select Microsoft from Manufacturers from left -> Select Microsoft XPS Document Writer from list in right -> Select name for device (or leave it deafult it doesn't matter)-> finish and try to open .ppt now.

Hope this helps!

Best reagards,


Civa said...

I appologize I misspelled Your name sir ,obviously coffee wasn't strong enough :)



Dinesh Priyankara said...

Hi Civa,

Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delayed reply, has been away from the blog for a while, will try it and see.


Dinesh Priyankara said...

Hi Civa,

Everything is as you have mentioned, so the problem must be something else :(.

Anyway, thanks.

Civa said...

Ok I think there is some hidden trick from guyz from Redmond :)

Im sorry Dinesh thats all I have already done to make it work :/

If I find some other related stuff I will be glad to post it here :)

Best regards,

james said...

For me, all that was required was turning on the printer spool

Once I did that it worked great. Thanks for the help

matteo said...

Thanks you have saved my work! but I'm another problem with power point 2007 i hope that you know a solution!I show but is not possible to use the button to insert a simbol!
Thanks and sorry for my English!

Anonymous said...

YA its work that solution given by dinesh thanks for solution