Sunday, January 1, 2017

Another new year for……… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

I have been blogging for years but I think that the most important and success year is 2016. I have made 171 posts in 2016 based on my experiences had with SQL Server, based on questions asked by many and based on some experiments I did. Comparing with 2015 that has 200 posts, I still think that 2016 is the best.

I can see more than 50,000 unique visits per month (excluding subscriptions), making it as over 600,000 unique visits per year. When comparing with other blogs by SQL Server experts, still the number is small but with the feedback and compliments received on my blog, I can see how significant and useful some of the posts I have made and it always encourages and makes me happy. 
Thank you very much for reading my posts and of course helping me to share something I know. Not only that, thank you very much for supporting me for improving my knowledge by giving feedback with your replies and solutions.

I wish my readers Very Happy New Year 2017! Let’s learn more on Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, Database Management System, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics with Big Data.

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