Saturday, October 8, 2016

How to create a SQL Server job quickly

SQL Server Agent Jobs are commonly used for automating administrative tasks and other routine tasks. For creating a job as you need, you need to either use GUI that comes with SSMS or use stored procedures given. Yes, it takes time for adding a job and then adding steps but we can get some jobs automatically created using a simple way.

Assume that you need to create an Agent job for backing up one of your databases. Rather going through SQL Server Agent -> Job in the Object Explorer, you can open the Backup Interface just like the way you manually take backup, configure everything as you want. Once the configuration is done, without clicking OK, click on down-arrow next to Script Button and click on Script Action to Job.

This action opens a window that is used for creating Agent Jobs. Good thing is, it adds all we need with Steps and all you have to add is a schedule.

Using this technique, jobs can be easily created for most of the tasks.

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