Sunday, August 7, 2016

SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #050 - SSRS Client Printing

Here is the weekly question on the SQL Server for improving your knowledge for facing interviews. This time, let's talk about an area on Reporting Services.

SQL Server Reporting Services is a great platform for all types of reporting solutions and its Web Portal (former Report Manager) is one of the tools for managing deployed reports. The Web Portal allows you to view and manage reports published and it allows you to print viewed reports like below;

Now the question is How can you disable the printing facility from the portal?

If you have a requirement like that, it can be done with Reporting Services Properties using the Management Studio. Simply, connect to Reporting Services using the Management Studio and get its properties by right-clicking the instance. There is a property called EnableClientPrinting that controls the functionality, you can set this has False for disabling client printing.

Once disabled, the Print icon will not be appeared.

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