Monday, December 21, 2015

SQL Server Management Studio - December 2015 Release

The SQL Server Management Studio - December 2015 release is available for downloading with few enhancements related to November release and some bug fixes. Once installed, you should see the version upgrade from 12.0.2269.0 to 13.0.900.73. Here is the link for downloading;

Here are changes done (quoted from the downloading page)
  • Improvements to Execution plan (Showplan) comparison - to enable comparison of the current query execution plan with one saved in a file.
  • Improved IntelliSense support - for inline columnstore indexes in SSMS.
  • Bug fix in Extended Events session wizard - to enable selection of templates when connected to an Azure V12 server.
  • Improvements and bug fixes- to enable functionality to switch to results tab after query execution, and to display un-truncated column headers when SSMS is set to display results in grid format.

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