Saturday, April 11, 2015

Object Name Resolution - Stored Procedure

SQL Server does not resolve names of stored procedures just as it does on tables. This resolution is bit different. Here is the post I made on Object Name Resolution - Table Let;s see how this happens with Stored Procedure.

Have a look on the image below;

As per the example that shows in the image, Jane executes GetOrders stored procedure without adding its schema. In order to resolve this name, SQL Server initially adds sys schema. Since it does not success, it adds user's schema which is HR. As the stored procedure has been created under HR, Jane successfully executes the query.

Jack executes the same and SQL Server tries with sys.GetOrders. Since it is unsuccessful, SQL Server adds his schema which is FN. Again SQL Server cannot resolve an object called FN.GetOrders. SQL Server tries again with different schema which is dbo. That is the last try, and as it gives the same unsuccessful result, Jack gets an error.

Just like table names, makes sure you add schema to stored procedures when executing them. This makes sure that SQL Serve does not need to spend extra time for executing it and avoids overhead and errors.

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