Sunday, March 22, 2015

SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #004

Here is another tricky question? It is on Indexing.

Can we create an index without mentioning what column(s) to be used?

Obviously, we have to expect the answer as No, because index requires one or more columns for organizing the index; the index key. But this is possible with SQL Server 2014 :).

How is this possible? Earlier we had two types of indexes; Clustered Index and Non-Clustered Index. With SQL Server 2012, a new classification was introduced; Rowstore Index and Columnstore Index. Rowstore index represents the indexes we used to create with rows (or records) and Columnstore index represents a new way of creating indexes on columns. Only non-clustered columnstore indexes were supported with SQL Server 2012 which require column(s) to be specified.

Though 2012 does not support creating clustered columnstore indexes, SQL Server 2014 allows creating clustered columnstore indexes with tables. Once the table is set with a clustered columnstore index, no other indexes are possible with the same table. Clustered columnstore index does NOT require a column (or columns) to be specified when creating, hence we can create an index without specifying columns. So, the answer for above question is Yes.

Here is an example for Clustered Columnstore Index.

 ON Sales;

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