Saturday, April 5, 2014

Free eBook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Want to know some major features added to SQL Server 2014? Here is an easy way. This book explains how SQL Server 2014 leverages in-memory technology for improving the performance of OLTP and data warehousing solutions, how easily on-premises solutions can be transferred to cloud with added support for hybrid environment, etc. If you are a DBA, DBE or an engineer who wants to know the new features and capabilities, this is the book to be read.

Download links:

Chapters in this book;

  • Chapter 1: SQL Server 2014 editions and engine enhancements
  • Chapter 2: In-Memory OLTP investments
  • Chapter 3: High-availability, hybrid-cloud, and backup enhancements
  • Chapter 4: Exploring self-service BI in Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Chapter 5: Introducing Power BI for Office 365
  • Chapter 6: Big data solutions

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