Thursday, March 20, 2014

Door-Quiz – SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group Meet-up

We had another Door-Quiz at SS SLUG yesterday and as usual, the question asked was tricky. However, many had circled the correct answer and one lucky person grabbed the goodie-pack. Here is the question asked;


Whenever we see a numerator is getting divided by 0, all we expect  is an error because, it is a common fact that division by zero has no value. If we execute the SELECT statement separately, SQL Server will definitely throw an error saying it. But the tricky part of this question is, combining this fact with EXISTS predicate. EXISTS in this scenario only considers the existence of result-set produced by SELECT rather executing it as a general SELECT. Since the predicate becomes TRUE, SQL Server goes to PRINT ‘yes’ without producing any error.

Answer for the question is “yes"Smile.

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