Sunday, July 10, 2011

Default Logging: Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

Everybody knows how important logging is, when it comes for troubleshooting. It applies for SSIS packages too. Unfortunately, most of developers, pay not much attention for this, and later regret for not having any records on package executions. If you have not implemented any mechanisms for logging and need to know how often the package gets executed or whether the package is started, you are not stranded. Integration Services has done the needful for you.

Integration Services has a default logging behavior. It captures starting and ending events, and adds two log entries to Windows Event Viewer. If you run the package with Business Intelligence Studio while it is being designed, you should see two entries in Windows Event Viewer as follows;


This behavior cannot be stopped. It logs not only when the package is run with BIDS, with DTEXEC too. As per my experience this is not enough for troubleshooting if it is a complex package, so, make sure you have used other out-of-the-box logging features for recoding your package processes.

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