Thursday, May 12, 2011

PerformancePoint web-parts cannot be connected (linked)

Few days back, I faced for a strange issue with PerformancePoint web-parts. It was a simple thing, all I had was, a web page created with SharePoint and couple of web-parts. Once the page is open in design mode and web-parts are placed, tried to link two web-parts (a report web-part and a filter) through a connection as below;



Funny thing was, though it allowed me to create the connection (link) and save, it did not get saved permanently. If I open the connection window again, the created connection is missing.

I could not find the issue immediately but it was a terrible thing. Thanks for my colleagues, they have found the issue. It is with Internet Explorer. If you try to do this with Internet Explorer 8.x, it is not going to work. For some of my colleagues, older versions of IE have been worked. For some, older version of FireFox has been worked. Finally what I did was, installed FireFox 3.6 and got it done. Note that it is not going to work with FireFox 4.x too.

Anyone faced this issue? Why SharePoint gives an issue with latest browsers? If you know anything on this, please share with me.

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