Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Way to Visualize: Project Crescent; What is it?

The Era that Business User is used to carry an armload of tools for analyzing and visualizing data, has come to an end!!!!! Yes, Microsoft never stops making business user’s life easier. Microsoft never stop supporting business user to manage and visualize data in a rich way. Microsoft has come out with an exciting facility; The Project Crescent.

What is Project Crescent?

Project Crescent is the recent Microsoft Business Intelligence team innovation that helps to manage and visualize large amount of data quickly in very rich format. It has been built entirely on Silverlight and will be available as a BI client. It allows to show the insights of the business with reports, with highly interactive visualization and animations.

The releasing date of this is unknown. Most probably it will be released with Denali, at the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012. Long time to wait…..

Here is a sneak peak of project Crescent, in Amir Netz’ demo at PASS Summit 2010:

Here is a post from SQL Server Reporting Services team blog: http://www.silverlightshow.net/news/Project-Crescent-built-entirely-on-Silverlight.aspx


Ayyappan said...

It will be a fantastic tool for End users and report developers. But, what about the Report Builder?? will they stop it?

- Ayyappan

Dinesh Priyankara said...

Hi Ayyappan,

I dont think. The new version of Report Builder is just look like MS word or Excel now..... MS will definitely enhance it more.