Friday, April 30, 2010

I’m fed up


I have worked with many products/projects and have played many roles in projects such as developer, tech-lead, DBE, DBA, project manager :), associate software architect, business intelligence architect, etc. Almost all projects I had involved were successful (so far, proudly say, NOTHING has been discarded but extended and enhanced), not because of me :), because of the strength of team, because of the proper design of the system, because of the collective decisions. Once a project is deployed, if you are a part of the team, you know that how it pleases your heart. It makes you proud, gives you industrial recognition, and knowledge (and salary increment if you are lucky :)). What if the project would be a failure :(………?

So far I do not have such an experience. If you have, please share the reasons for it and how you felt on it. It helps all of us to come back to the track if we are out of it.

What made me to make a post like this? I am bit fed up now. Currently I am working on few projects, some of them are Business Intelligence projects, Training related projects, some are DBA-Specific projects, and ETL projects. My involvement for these projects are in many ways such as a developer, an architect, a lecturer, and a consultant. What bother me? What annoy me? Here are some of them:

  • Your are NOT the part of the project but have to be responsible
  • Major changes after the design is completed, done, again changes, again, again, …… continues
  • I see something as wrong, but everyone keep their mouth shut, pretending “something” is NOT wrong
  • No one is responsible…… (who cares, as long as we get the salary at the end of month)
  • Do the delivery as “someone” want, not as “I” want
  • You have not done the job, wonder whether you are qualified enough
  • “Someone” has done a mistake, you have been irresponsible, did not you see she/he making the mistake?
  • Don’t talk, your words make this upset… later… why did not you point it out?
  • etc.

Hello, did I say that all projects give me all these types of headaches? NO, that is not the case. I still enjoy with many but, you guys know, if there is one, I might be losing the balance going over the stepping-stones. So, wish me luck!

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Gogula G. Aryalingam said...

Good luck, dude...

One thing that you should remember is that things could have been much worse, though things look the worst right now. Believe me it really could have been much much worse. So, just hang in there. Things always have a way of working out...