Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Installing PerformancePoint 2007 SP2

If you are using PerformancePoint 2007 and you have not installed the SP2, then this is the time for installing it. As you know, it did not support natively for SQL Server 2008, and now it allows. You will be installing this SP2 under three scenarios; 1. Update PerformancePoint Server with SP2 only. No changes to SQL Server 2005. 2. Update SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 and then update PerformancePoint Server to SP2. 3. Install PerformancePoint Server RTM and SQL Server 2008 in a new environment. You need to make sure that you follow the correct steps for whatever the scenario you select. You can find the instruction for all scenarios here. You can download the SP2 from here(x86) and here(x64).


Gogula G. Aryalingam said...

Interesting post.

On another note, now that Microsoft has decided to discontinue PerformancePoint Server, and move the Monitoring part of it to SharePoint 2010, the Planning part of it has been abandoned in its entirety.

1. What alternatives do you think that people would have for the Planning module?
2. What do you think would become of all those who have purchased PPS? Would they have a proper migration path towards SharePoint 2010?

Dinesh Priyankara said...

Yes, we are aware of it. We had few email-discussions with some MS guys too. Unfortunately nobody is giving a proper answer, so we are still undecided, whether we should use the Planning module or not. Anyway, they will be releasing SP3 at the end of this year.

And, I raised same set of questions but, so far, no answers.