Thursday, November 27, 2008

Next version of SQL Server - Kilimanjaro

Few months back, Microsoft had announced the next version of SQL Server ~Kilimanjaro~ that is due on 2010. Two major things related to the new version are; Project Gemini: Is related to Analysis Services (or it is). It uses column-oriented and in-memory technologies with Microsoft Excel. It seems that this is capable enough for handling 100M records in memory and creating a model for analysis (Are we moving away from star/snowflake schema in relational data warehouses? And things like cube, dimensions…). I saw couple of blog posts regarding Gemini and QlickView, not sure whether Microsoft going to use its technology (or has already used). QlickView is a tool that supports in-memory business analysis that can be quickly implemented with existing data sources. Project Madison: SQL Server is going to handle not only terabyte data but petabyte. Microsoft has acquired DATAllegro technologies for addressing this. Seems Microsoft SQL team has concentrated a lot on Business Intelligence, and we will see a greater enhancement with Kilimanjaro.

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